Spending Your Earned Investment Money on Land

Depending on the location, investing in land is extremely lucrative.
In outside suburbs and not too isolated country side regions, trailer parks are considered to be the home of many lower income Americans.

Purchasing a mobile park lot can be quite pricey, however finding low lot # lots (10-15 lot parks) isn’t difficult.
Average costs is between $150K-$250K.

Most owners are willing to do owner financing for the lots.
This allows you to pay off the property with the revenue it produces.

Buying land and converting it into a shooting range

Have you ever wondered what it takes to convert a vacant piece of land into a shooting range?

Well.. apart from money, permits and insurance…not much!
However, the above are not a brush on the shoulder. It’s wise you visit your local legislation and learn about zoning and regulations that are active in your area.

Best Crossbow

I’ll quickly go over what qualifies on your shooting range.

  • Crossbows (best crossbow found here.)
  • Heavy duty hand guns
  • Sub-machine guns
  • Shot guns
  • General and sniper rifles

Which Books to Read to Aid Your Investment Ventures?

So you’d like to invest in real estate and make a fortune huh?
Before you read a single piece of information, figure out which approach you’d like to take?

A passive or a lump sum route?

Choosing the passive route aims mostly towards rental properties on both residential and commercial side.
But when you choose the lump sum route, you’ll be byrd dogging for wholesalers, flipping and doing short sales on foreclosures.

Either way, both take time and smart work to make them pay.

So to get you started in either direction, I’ve created a list of informative, non-guru or bs books that will jump start your journey, give you ideas and pump you up to “go get it!”.


#1 Rich Dad Poor Dad

What the rich teach their kids and the poor do not.
by Robert Kiyosaki

My very first book i read that really pumped me up to invest in real estate but more importantly, change my mindset overall on what it really takes to make a fortune.

No more corporate world, save money till your 65-70 and retire with 2-3 million in the bank.
This takes a completely different approach.

Highly recommend this book!
RIch Dad Poor Dad







#2 Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian Playbook

From a man who built a $100m business, and now lives the life many of use keep dreaming of (thinking that it will never happen to use.)

With just over 200 pages long, it’s not only inspirational but informative with step by step instructions.
Highly recommended!