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Land for Sale in the United States


“Cheap land & real estate for sale”

(Everything you’d need, to locate and purchase your favorite archery hunting weapon can be found here..)

Today, it really seems like everybody is trying to get a piece of the land for sale around them. Though there may be a few exceptions to this rule, but not too many. Even a Buddhist monk needs a monastery.

Land prices used to be super high, and then they dropped back down. Then again after the recession of 2008, land prices aswell as real estate in general got cheaper.

Your local state may get some tax sales, which may kbe a dandy doo but the buyers rearely end up with the marketable title and foreclosures. (Often prove to be far mroe trouble than you’re worth.)

vacant land for sale

The Tools You will Need to Purchase Land Very Cheaply!

Very first tool you’ll need is the “county plat book”. Each and every county in every state has makes their real estate ownership data available to private mapping companies who make maps detailing all the land owenership in the county. You can usueally find them on sale in one or more offices in the county courthouse. Anywhere between $39-$79.

OR, you can also get the books online at They usually have the maps in twelve different sates ((Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa).

Other wise, if you’re living in states outside the 12 mentioned above, you can order the maps somewhere online.

The Second Tool You Need for Purchasing Land

The second tool you need is a good-ol handy “map”. Now, please be sure to get modern, updated and high quality maps.

Topographic maps can work really well and aerial photography are online at

The Third Thing is the County’s Accessory’s Office

The last thing thing you need is free when you pay real estate taxes.

In the office of county Assessor, he/she keeps track of who owns which piece of land though the county.


#1 is it requires WORK.

#2 is it still requires MONEY to buy land. All the other methods don’t do much justice.
(No money most likely won’t work.)

At the assessor’s office, you want the name and address of all landowners with out-of-area addresses; the further out of area the better.

Come in, with a nice grin on your face (friendly) and tell the attendant that you’d like to copy some addresses of landowners in specific sections.

Once you’ve done the above, you’re almost ready and it’s now time to contact the property owners of the houses you chose.

Let’s jump back a little bit first real quick..

hunting landWhat is this land usually used for?

Great questions!

With most land owners, it’s usually used for the building of their dream homes, ranches, farms etc..

Now sometimes, people buy land in specific sections JUST to hunt themselves some game.

That game really ranges from wild boar, whitetail, aligator, python, panther and more.

Property use in this section can average from just simply target shooting to hunting with the best crossbow money can buy, rifles, traps and much much more! Though it’s not possible without crossbow reviews..seriously though!

Seriously, there’s just so many things hunters and non hunters can do on their own land.. it’s quite crazy actually

Next, we will check out a SAMPLE page of property land images.

Pheasant Summit and Land for Sale…

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